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Our Presentation to the FOIA Advisory Committee on the Need for a Public Access Law for the Judicial Branch

Victory For Public Access To Court Documents

Seamus Hughes talks to FLP about PACER fees and fishing for documents

All current bankruptcy and federal magistrate judges are now in CourtListener

As Bloomberg Law imposes caps on PACER access, PACER must support academics.

Announcing a New Open Database of Court Information, IDs, and Parsers

Citation Data Gets Richer

Free Law Project now has every reported U.S. Tax opinion

Citation Alerts are Better than Ever

We’ve added nearly 1,000 images to our open collection of judge portraits

Free Law Project Participates in Chilean Judicial Modernization Initiative

Announcing our new PACER Fetch APIs

Hear Our Executive Director on the Lawyerist Podcast

We’ve Integrated the FJC Integrated Database into CourtListener

Tesla and Trump: The Top PACER Documents of 2018

Responding to GDPR “Right to Erasure” Requests

Uploading PACER Dockets and Oral Argument Recordings to the Internet Archive

Announcing PACER Docket Alerts for Journalists, Lawyers, Researchers, and the Public

An Overview of Free Law Project

The Next Version of RECAP is Now Live

Welcoming Ansel Halliburton to our Board

We Have Every Free PACER Opinion on

More Details on the PACER Vulnerability We Shared with the Administrative Office of the Courts

A Million Minutes of Oral Arguments

A Complete Chronology of PACER Fees and Policies

We’ve Added Thousands More Citations to Historical Supreme Court Opinions

Why We Are Downloading all Free Opinions and Orders from PACER

Parties, Attorneys, and Firms are Now Searchable in the RECAP Archive

Free Law Project has Notified the Administrative Office of the Courts about a Major Security Vulnerability in the PACER/ECF System

Free Law Project to Serve as PACER Data Provider to Department of Labor Grantees at Georgia State University

Roundup of House Judiciary Committee’s PACER Review

Free Law Project Makes Emoluments Clause Opinions Searchable in its Collection of Attorney General Advisory Opinions

Judge Profiles on CourtListener Now Show Oral Arguments Heard

Free Law Project Receives “Le Hackie” Award from D.C. Legal Hackers for PACER Research and Blogging

CourtListener Oral Argument Podcasts Now on iTunes

Free Law Project Re-Launches RECAP Archive, a New Search Tool for PACER Dockets and Documents

Downloading Important Cases on PACER Costs More than a Brand New Car

How Much Money Does PACER Make?

What is a “Page” of PACER Content?

The Cost of PACER Data? Around One Billion Dollars.

Iain Carmichael and Michael Kim Present at PyData Carolinas Conference

Extracting Text from Our Collection of PACER Documents Now Supports Oral Arguments from the Second Circuit

CourtListener’s SCOTUS Data Gets Even Better with Legacy Data from the Supreme Court Database

Launching the Next Version of

Retiring and Consolidating RECAP Websites

Judge Profiles on CourtListener Now Have Campaign Finance Information from the National Institute on Money In State Politics

Judge Profiles on CourtListener Now Show the Cases Authored by Each Judge

Twenty-nine New Jurisdictions and an Improved Interface Coming Soon to CourtListener

Second Circuit of Appeals to Finally Place Oral Arguments Online by Default — Write to the Court with Your Suggestions

Colin Starger’s Talk about Citation Visualizations at CALI Conference

Milestone: CourtListener has 365 Days of Continuous Oral Argument Listening

New CSV of Reporters of Decisions

Ending our PACER Drainage Initiative and Stopping our Email Lists

More Information about our Judicial Database and Some Responses to Feedback

Notes and Sketches from Making SCOTUS Network Visualizations

CourtListener Podcasts Now on Google Play

Free Law Project and Princeton/Columbia Researchers Launch First-of-its-Kind Judicial Database

Announcing Free Law Project Data Services

It’s easier than ever to contribute to CourtListener and Free Law Project

Our Newest Launch: A SCOTUS Data Viz Tool

Some Citation Parsing Statistics

Releasing V3 of the API, Deprecating V1 and V2

Citation Searching on CourtListener

Millions of New “Short Form” Case Names Now on CourtListener

Many Improvements Released in New CourtListener Version

Launching Website - Free Law Project got a new home!

Our New Citation Finder

The Right to Read Anonymously

New Juriscraper Email List

Free Law Project and University of Baltimore to Collaborate to Create Supreme Court Doctrinal Maps

AI and Law Call for Papers

Welcoming Thomas Bruce and Jerry Goldman to our Board

Knight Foundation to Support

Brian and Mike’s Presentations from Columbia’s Web Archiving Conference

Postcards Arriving Soon

Reporters Database

New Versions of RECAP Extensions Out Now!

What Should be Done About the PACER Problem?

Why Should Congress Care About PACER?

What is the “PACER Problem”?

Help Agitate to Open Up PACER

CourtListener Can Now Send Alerts in Real Time for Donors

CourtListener is Now Integrated with the Supreme Court Database

Introducing Quick Tips on CourtListener

Free Law Project Recognized in two one of Top Ten Legal Hacks of 2014 by DC Legal Hackers!

CourtListener Adds 7,000 More Oral Arguments

Check Out CourtListener’s New Paint and Features

More Oral Argument News

Announcing Oral Arguments on CourtListener

Senator Leahy Wants PACER Documents Back Online

Free Law Project Founders Guests on “This Week in Law” Webcast

The Importance of Backups

Free Law Project Joins Request for Access to Offline PACER Documents

Using PACER — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

CourtListener and Juriscraper Now Support All State Courts of Last Resort!

Free Law Project Co-Founders Named to Fastcase 50 for 2014

New Homepage and a CourtListener Revamp

Our RECAP partnership with Princeton University’s CITP

Detecting Judicial Corrections

LVI 2014 Call for Abstracts

It is Long Past Time for Free Online Access to the Law

CourtListner’s REST API Featured on Programmable Web

Free Law Project Calls for License-Free Government Data

Free Law Project Joins Free Access to Law Movement

Our New Authorities Table Allows Traveling to the Past

Free Law Project Unveils API for Court Opinions

CiteGeist Powers CourtListener’s Newly Improved Search Results

Want to Merge Millions of Legal Opinions? It Won’t Be Easy.

Our New Jurisdiction Picker

Free Law Project Adds More than 1.5M Opinions to its Collection Thanks to Data Donation

Free Law Virtual Machine Available for Academics and Developers

11 New Courts Added to CourtListener and Juriscraper Comprising Nearly 50,000 New Opinions

Non-Profit “Free Law Project” Formed to Create an Open Legal Ecosystem

Announcing Citation Queries and other Goodies

A few small API changes

Two RECAP Grants Awarded in Memory of Aaron Swartz

Six new courts added to CourtListener

Live coverage graphs now available

$10,000 in Further Awards for RECAP Projects

Another new court on CourtListener

New Courts at CourtListener with Historical Data

A few updates at CourtListener

Announcing the Aaron Swartz Memorial Grants

Presentation on Juriscraper and CourtListener for LVI2012

New tool for testing lxml XPath queries

Announcing the third series of the Federal Reporter!

Building a Citator on CourtListener

Further privacy protections at CourtListener

My Presentation Proposals for LVI 2012

Announcing OCR Support on CourtListener

Announcing CourtListener’s New Sub-Project: Juriscraper

Adding New Fonts to Tesseract 3 OCR Engine

The Winning Font in Court Opinions

Support for x-robots-tag and robots HTML meta tag

Respecting privacy while providing hundreds of thousands of public documents

Our Biggest Change Ever is Live!

RECAP Featured in XRDS Magazine

Announcements, Updates and the Current Roadmap

Second Series of Federal Reporter from 1950 to 1993 now on CourtListener

New formats for dump files

The abolishment of the Emergency Court of Appeals (April 18, 1962)

Site refresh and new features now live!

Updated Supreme Court Case Dates and The First Release of Early SCOTUS Data in Machine-Readable Form

ABA Webinar: Public Access to Court Records - Protecting Personal Sensitive Information

Schultze and Lee on RECAP at NYLS

Changes and Plans at

RECAP Extension 0.8 Beta Released

RECAP Extension 0.7 Beta Released

RECAP Firefox Search Plugin

Assessing PACER’s Access Barriers

New Search and Browsing Interface for the RECAP Archive

More RECAP Events

New PACER Fee Data, RECAP Appearances This Week


RECAP, The Press, and Judicial Transparency

RECAP Documents Now More Searchable Via Internet Archive

Work on RECAP for Google Summer of Code 2010

Designing CourtListener

Converting PDF Files to HTML

RECAP Extension 0.6 Beta Released

RECAP in the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review

Google Project Shows Value of Open Judicial Records

RECAP Media Recap

RECAP in Minnesota Lawyer

An Effort to Define the Ideal “”

Schultze on RECAP at Yale

RECAP in the Los Angeles Times and Elsewhere

RECAP’s Steve Schultze at the Gov 2.0 Expo

RECAP in the Wall Street Journal

A Note on RECAP’s Commitment to Privacy

Tell The Courts to Improve PACER

Accessing the RECAP Repository without PACER

Law Professors, Librarians, and Think Tankers Praise RECAP

The Blogosphere Weighs in on RECAP

A Million Documents At Your Fingertips

Turning PACER Around

RECAP Project — Why It Matters