About & Mission

Free Law Project is a California non-profit public benefit corporation and a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) public charity whose specific purposes are primarily:

  • to provide free, public, and permanent access to primary legal materials on the Internet for educational, charitable, and scientific purposes to the benefit of the general public and the public interest;
  • to develop, implement, and provide public access to technologies useful for legal research;
  • to create an open ecosystem for legal research and materials;
  • to support academic research on related technologies, corpora, and legal systems; and
  • to carry on other charitable activities associated with these purposes, including, but not limited to, publications, meetings, conferences, trainings, educational seminars, and the issuance of grants and other financial support to educational institutions, foundations, and other organizations exclusively for educational, charitable, and scientific purposes as allowed by law.

In 2013, Free Law Project joined the Free Access to Law Movement.

Current activities of Free Law Project are as follows:

  • We seek to collect and freely distribute online all United States court opinions, both state and federal, both historical and current. Our collection of current opinions is accomplished through our Juriscraper project. Online distribution of the opinions occurs through our CourtListener project.
  • We develop technologies for use in legal research, such as a daily alerting service, advanced search capabilities, and a citator. These tools are deployed at CourtListener.
  • We collaborate with others with similar goals and license all the software we develop under free software licenses. Source code is available for both Juriscraper and CourtListener. Our REST API enables others to analyze or reuse on their own sites the materials we have collected.
  • We support academic research on search technologies and provide free bulk downloads of our entire corpus for use in academic research or for any other purpose.
  • We lead workshops, present at conferences, and hold other events to educate others about our work, how to get involved, and the underlying challenges facing the free acces to law movement.

See our Non-Profit Documents.