Unofficial PACER and CM/ECF Issue and Feature Tracker

An effort to openly discuss and improve PACER and CM/ECF

The PACER and CM/ECF systems are maintained and operated by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts so that documents from federal cases can be uploaded and downloaded by members of the public. These systems were created several decades ago and have mostly atrophied ever since.

Despite thousands of people having no choice but to use these systems every day, there is no productive way to provide feedback about PACER or CM/ECF. The only avenues currently available to provide feedback are the hand-picked PACER User Group or sending a message to the PACER Service Center. The PACER User Group is a positive step, but it is entirely inaccessible to all but its 12 members. The Service Center is run by a defense contractor, and is not empowered to respond to feedback in a meaningful way.

In response to this issue, and in the spirit of open collaboration, we have created and maintain an unofficial issue and feature tracker for the PACER and CM/ECF systems. This system allows you to write down and track things that are broken in PACER, policies that should change, or things that you wish were different.

We encourage all PACER users to submit suggestions, comment on them, or vote them up or down. Doing so simply requires a free account on, which only takes a few minutes to create.

We hope that you’ll join us in discussing PACER, CM/ECF, and the many ways they could be fixed and enhanced, and we hope that in time the AO will take over this project so that they receive the feedback directly.

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