Supreme Court Data in Bulk and Via a REST API

The Supreme Court is the most important court in the United States and for many years, we have worked to create the most complete and detailed collection of Supreme Court data possible.

In this task, we have combined many sources of data including the Supreme Court Database, the opinions available on, Library of Congress, and downloads that we have collected directly from the Supreme Court website itself. All of this data has been carefully combined, fixing innumerable errors both manually and with automated systems.

For example, one such automated system is our Citator, which automatically finds citations between opinions. Using this system you can download a CSV of all of the citations in CourtListener, or by using our API you can download them in a more granular fashion. Unlike many other citators, ours is not powered by regular expressions. Instead, it relies on our Reporter DB, and runs millions of queries against our backend. We run it for every new opinion that we get every day, and use the resulting network of cases to develop PageRank-like scores for every case.

We do a number of processes like this to build up the data, and as you can see, we’re immensely proud of the result. We hope that you’ll use and improve it too. The best way to get started is to check out our bulk data or our APIs, where you’ll find lots of documentation.

Let us know if you have any ideas for improvement or questions we can help with!

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