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RECAP is our tool to put federal court documents in your hands.

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Using a searchable archive of documents and browser extensions for Firefox or Chrome, RECAP improves PACER, the electronic public access system for federal court documents.

Automatic Sharing

Install the RECAP extension into Firefox or Chrome to automatically contribute your PACER purchases to our public archive.

No account needed and it only takes a minute or two.

Get Free Documents

Once installed, millions of PACER documents contributed by others become freely available right in PACER as you use it.

A Searchable Database

Every docket and PDF you contribute is made searchable in the RECAP Archive on CourtListener.

CourtListener is our archive of legal opinions, filings, judges, and judicial financial records.

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PACER Filings and Dockets

CourtListener has the largest free collection of federal court documents and dockets on the Internet. Our collection grows every day.

Everything we have is fully searchable and accessible on CourtListener.

Opinions Database houses an immense collection of searchable orders and opinions.

We gather more opinions from state and federal courts every day, and hope to soon host the first open and comprehensive collection of American case law.

Deep Judge Data

We are creating a groundbreaking database of American magistrates, judges, and justices.

Included in the database is detailed biographical information, over a million disclosure records, and much more.

Docket Alerts

Beyond the RECAP extension, CourtListener uses a number of sources to gather new content from PACER.

Sign up to get alerts when dockets are updated by other users or one of our data gathering systems.

The Most Oral Arguments

When courts said they couldn't host oral argument files, we started doing it for them. We now have the biggest open collection of oral argument audio in the world.

Listen online, subscribe to our podcasts, or make custom podcasts of your own.

APIs and Bulk Data

We provide journalists, researchers, startups, and individuals with automated access to nearly all of our data via APIs, bulk data files, and database replication.

This gives innovators, researchers, and the public a jumpstart on their work.

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Legal Advocacy

We work to make the legal system better by changing it from within. Among our initiatives are legislation to make PACER free, early research into a FOIA-like law for the federal judicial branch, court-by-court efforts to open legal data, and pushes to support public access to court records.

We Build Tools

To spur innovation in the legal ecosystem, our work is open source and freely available. These tools give organizations and researchers a launchpad for their innovation. View our tools on Github.

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APIs and Replication

We provide APIs for opinions, filings, judges, financial disclosures, and more. For power users, we share our entire database, updated in realtime.

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Juriscraper is a scraping library written in Python that gathers data from hundreds of courts each day.

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Eyecite uses our database of thousands of reporters to find even the most esoteric legal citations in any block of text.

We Build Datasets

Centuries of legal data needs curation and clean up before it can be used and understood. Unfortunately, this work is done over and over again. Enough. We take raw legal data and make it into open datasets.

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Reporters Database

Our database of reporters has information about more than 700 reporters, with more than 1,400 name variations. Build citators, normalize citations, and more.

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Courts Database

Tested on a dataset of 16 million opinions, this tool will help you identify any court by name, past or present.

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Judges Database

Financial disclosures, appointors, biographical data, schools, jobs, campaign contributions, and more for thousands of state and federal judges.

You're in Good Company

When you need legal data, we can help. We work with journalists, researchers, and organizations large and small to get the data they need.

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