RECAP Project — Turning PACER Around

RECAP is an online archive and free extension for Firefox and Chrome that improves the experience of using PACER, the electronic public access system for the U.S. Federal District and Bankruptcy Courts.

The archive contains the millions of contributions from our users, every free opinion on PACER, and extensive content from our data consulting projects. It can be queried on and is available via our APIs for journalists, researchers, or developers.

The RECAP extensions are very simple to use and have no configuration. They:

  • Help you give back by contributing to a public archive.
  • Save you money by showing you when free documents are available in the archive.
  • Keep you organized by providing better file names to the files you download on PACER.

Thousands of people have used RECAP, and together we have created an archive with millions of documents.

To use RECAP, simply install it and then use PACER as you normally would. It’s that simple.


Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University is a partner in our work.

RECAP is a joint project of the Center for Information Technology Policy at Princeton University and Free Law Project. It is one of several projects that harness the power of the web to increase government transparency.

RECAP is led by Free Law Project co-founders Brian Carver and Michael Lissner. CITP Director Ed Felten also provides guidance. RECAP was created by Harlan Yu, Steve Schultze, and Timothy B. Lee, based on the principles described in Government Data and the Invisible Hand.

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We also have an API available for developers. For details, get in touch.