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Site refresh and new features now live!

Michael Lissner

After many months of works and about 100 revisions to the code, today we've rolled out the latest version of the site. This version comes with some great enhancements:

  • We rolled this out to our Twitter stream a few months ago, but we finally have proper branding and a proper logo. We're still keeping things simple, but this should make things a little prettier.
  • We've added the search box to all pages so searches are easier to make and so you can see what search brought you to the document you're looking at.
  • A new favorites feature has been added that allows you to make notes about cases that interest you, and to see all of your notes in your profile.
  • The sidebar has been moved to the left in preparation for faceted searching and browsing
  • Lots of code clean up, lots of aesthetic fixes and dozens of small fixes here, there and everywhere.

We're really happy with this refresh and the new features that are coming along with it. If you notice anything that's not working properly or that could be better, we're always happy to hear your feedback.

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