New Courts at CourtListener with Historical Data

Michael Lissner

I mentioned in my last post that we've added some new courts to the site. Today we've added the historical data for these courts that was available on their website.

This amounts to about 1,500 new cases on CourtListener:

  • 112 from November 2003 to today at the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.
  • 764 from January 2000 to today at the Court of Veterans Claims
  • 600 from January 2008 to today at the Court of International Trade

All of these docs are immediately available for search, RSS or via our dump API, and will be in our dump of all our cases when it is regenerated at the end of the month.

This also marks an important achievement for the Juriscraper library. Since CourtListener now has scrapers for all federal courts of special jurisdiction, we're officially moving it to version 0.2. It's taken longer than we wanted to get it here, but this is a huge step for the library.

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