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New Juriscraper Email List

Michael Lissner

Update: We've moved our development conversation over to Slack. If you wish to join us there, please get in touch using our contact form.

Quick post today to share that by popular demand, we've created YAEL -- Yet Another Email List. Today's list is one we should have made a while back, and is for folks that work on the Juriscraper library. You can find and add yourself to the list here:


In general, this will be a normal list where we'll post any important updates about Juriscraper, but this list will also get one special email per day documenting the status of our 200+ court scrapers. Previously this email was only sent privately to maintainers, but by making it public, we're hoping to encourage more people to identify and fix the day to day problems that arise with so many scrapers.

Scraper Status Email

Yesterday's status email

We look forward to lots more discussion and so much more scraping!

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