CourtListener Podcasts Now on Google Play

Michael Lissner
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Just a quick post today to share that our oral argument podcasts are now available on Google Play Music.

If you are a user of Google Play Music, you can easily subscribe to our podcasts by searching for "Free Law Project", "CourtListener", or simply, "oral arguments". Once you subscribe, the podcasts will download to your device if you use one, or will be playable via the website.

These podcasts contain all of the oral argument audio for a given court or for a search that you create. This means that in 2016, you can literally pipe the audio from the Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Courts directly to your pocket.

In honor of this announcement we've created a new page on our site that lists our existing, pre-made podcasts, explains how to make custom ones, and explains how to subscribe to them in Google Play Music or Stitcher Radio.

We hope you'll enjoy these podcasts. Who doesn't want the Supreme Court piped to their pocket?

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