Twenty-nine New Jurisdictions and an Improved Interface Coming Soon to CourtListener

Michael Lissner

At CourtListener, we're currently working on one of the biggest upgrades yet, and in doing that we're adding many new jurisdictions that we didn't have previously:

  • Attorney General opinions from Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New York, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin
  • Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission
  • Appellate Division of the Superior Court of California
  • Colorado Industrial Claim Appeals Office
  • Connecticut Compensation Review Board
  • Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents
  • New Jersey Court of Chancery
  • Superior Court of North Carolina
  • North Carolina Industrial Commission
  • Civil Court of the City of New York
  • Criminal Court of the City of New York
  • Oregon Tax Court
  • Superior Court of Rhode Island
  • Tennessee Superior Court for Law and Equity
  • Texas Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation
  • Court of King's Bench

This brings the number of jurisdictions to more than 400, and it is getting hard to tell which courts are important. For example, some of the courts above have been terminated, and the King's Bench is actually an English jurisdiction---or was, until it was terminated in 1873.

To address the confusion that is caused by so many jurisdictions (a good problem to have), we've identified the courts that are no longer active. For example, in the court picker, you can see that terminated courts are now listed at the bottom and show their date of termination in gray:

Jurisdiction picker with termination dates

Hopefully the addition of these new jurisdictions will make your research more complete, and separating out the terminated jurisdictions will make it more efficient. These changes will be coming to CourtListener in the next couple of weeks.

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