Launching the Next Version of

Michael Lissner

Today we're launching a new version of that focuses on making the site more useful and intuitive.

The big new feature in this version is the addition of a new navigation bar at the top of every screen, as you can see below:

New Navigation Bar

The new navigation bar on every page.

This should be a big improvement over our old site, making it much easier and intuitive to use the oral arguments, judges, and visualizations sections of CourtListener.

The other big feature in this version is new advanced search pages for opinions, oral arguments, and judges. For example, here's a screenshot of the new judicial advanced search page:

Screenshot of the Judge Advanced Search page

The new judicial advanced search page.

This page should make it much easier to understand and query our judge database, and we expect the pages for advanced oral argument search and advanced opinion search will be similarly valuable.

The final enhancement we're excited about is a layer of polish across the entire site. This cleans up some old issues, adds explanations to areas that were somewhat unclear before, and makes the site more accessible to people with certain physical disabilities.

This kind of work doesn't sound like much, but we dug out an old screenshot of the site so you can see where we started and how this kind of polish adds up. Things have come a long ways since 2010 when the site looked like this!

Screenshot of CourtListenter from 2010 circa 2010 -- in the Beta days.

We hope these enhancements will make CourtListener more useful and intuitive. If you have any suggestions for improving it further or if you notice any issues, please get in touch!

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