We've added nearly 1,000 images to our open collection of judge portraits

Jon Ashley, Michael Lissner

We're thrilled to share today that with the support of Pre/Dicta, our open collection of judge portraits is substantially updated with nearly 1,000 additional photos. These photos have been gathered from open sources such as Wikipedia, and have been meticulously cropped, edited, and organized so that they can easily be dropped into websites or other applications. For our part, we will be adding them to our database of judges.

A montage of judge protraits
A montage of over 1,000 judges. (Click for more detail.)

These pictures cover federal circuit and district judges from all time periods and jurisdictions. While we continue to add and round out our already robust collection of data on federal and state judges, these pictures add a visual element that straight data lacks.

The images themselves are hosted in a Git repository, where they're available in widths of 128, 256, and 512 pixels. Of course if those sizes don't work for you, the original photos are available too. To use the photos, simply clone the repository, import our data file about the judges and then start linking to them.


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