All current bankruptcy and federal magistrate judges are now in CourtListener

Jon Ashley, Michael Lissner

One of the goals of Free Law Project is to help make the legal ecosystem innovative and competitive. Today with the support of Pre/Dicta and the help of the Federal Judicial Center (FJC), we're happy to be taking another step towards that goal. Today we are announcing tht we have added more than 1,000 current bankruptcy and federal magistrate judges to our database of judges. As always, we are making this data available via the website, via our APIs, and in bulk.

To our knowledge, this is the first time that a complete list of federal magistrate and bankruptcy judges has ever been freely available.

The release of this information will help organizations jump start their innovation. Rather than spending their time building up their own database of this information, organizations can now simply download the data from us and load it into their systems.

For researchers and individuals, this data directly impacts the utility of the CourtListener system, where we've already integrated it. Wherever possible, CourtListener will now provide links to judge profiles, where you can learn more about a given judge. For many of the judges we even have their portrait.

The starting point for this recent addition was data generously supplied by the FJC. To the list of names and titles they provided we added the start dates for a judge's current position. We are continuing to expand on this dataset and working on providing complete biographies for every judge. In the meantime, we've already started associating these judges with the rich collection of opinions in our database.

We have also updated our data on Article III judges to include 71 recent appointments by the Trump administration.

For those interested in learning more, our complete database of judges can be found by either doing a search in our Judge and Appointers Database or by accessing our judge API.

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