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Sanford Law Adopts the RECAP Suite to Automate their Workflows

Michael Lissner

Sanford Law is one of the leading employment law firms in America. We're proud to share today that they are the latest firm adopting the RECAP Suite to better handle their document processing workflow.

Today's announcement comes after more than a year's work co-developing the @recap.email ECF notification handler so that it can eliminate the arduous task of processing federal court notification emails.

Prior to adopting this system, Sanford Law was like most firms. It had staff members that would spend hours each day receiving and processing emails from the courts. Not only was this time-consuming for the firm's staff, it was also error prone—it is all too easy to miss an email or to mis-file a document.

Now that the firm has adopted the @recap.email system, their staff no longer does this task. Instead, notification emails are automatically processed and filed into their CMS without any need for human intervention.

Migrating our firm to @recap.email has streamlined our CMS, so we know it represents the ground truth.

— Gabriel Stiritz, CFO

Our system for handling notification emails is just one part of the RECAP Suite, a collection of tools for working with federal filings. The Suite is over a decade in the making and has tools for searching, uploading, downloading, inspecting, scraping, and processing federal filings,

Click below to get started with the RECAP Suite or to talk to us about how it could help your firm.

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