Rise of the Little Case Bots!

Michael Lissner

Today we're officially announcing that the Big Cases bot has been joined by a number of professionally curated bots focused on specific topics.

Please allow me to introduce:

Each of these bots is professionally curated by a legal observer in the particular field. For example, writers at The Verge follow numerous court cases in the tech field, the folks at the American Economic Liberties Project follow antitrust cases, and so forth.

With the launch of these bots, you can now easily ride on their coat tails. To do so, simply click the links above, and then follow their bots on Twitter or Mastodon.

What's next?

In the coming weeks and months, we're working on a few goals for the bots.

  1. More Bots!

    We are looking for curators for the following bots:

    • Trademark Cases Bot
    • Second Amendment Cases Bot
    • Crypto Cases Bot

    If you're an expert in one of these topics, please get in touch!

  2. Blue Sky and Threads

    Our bots are already on Mastodon, but as Twitter continues to slide downhill, we're working to move our bots to Blue Sky and Threads. If you are a Python developer that could help, we'd love to hear from you.

  3. Sponsorship

    The Big Cases Bot now gets about two million impressions each month, and we seeking sponsors that want to support our work, get their name out there, and help purchase documents from PACER.

    You can learn more here if you might be interested.

  4. Chat Apps

    We send case alert emails all day long, but we've heard that people want alerts in Slack, Discord, MS Teams, and Google Chat too. We're working to make this happen, as paid service.

    To get started and to help us gauge demand for the various chat platforms, please join our waitlist:

    Join the Waitlist

At Free Law Project, we work to make the legal system easier to understand, to fight misinformation, and to foster innovation in the legal sector.

Our humble bot system will help people in any sector keep up with important legal developments, no matter how they get their updates. At the same time, these bots will contribute to liberating and permanently preserving important and historic cases by adding them to the RECAP Archive and the Internet Archive.

We couldn't be more thrilled to be officially launching and announcing these projects today.

Finally, if you're a follower of the bots, you should learn a few tips!

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