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Jenifer Whiston

At Free Law Project, we talk with many legal tech startups each year. This year two startups that we partner with have been announced as finalists for the ABA TechShow Startup Alley in Chicago this coming March.

Since 2009, we have worked tirelessly to improve the legal system. By creating foundational data and open-source software, we provide a launchpad for others that want to join our fight. This allows innovators and entrepreneurs to focus on their own unique contributions, rather than having to build data sets and tools from scratch. They partner with us in a variety of ways from commercial use licenses for our APIs to complete database replication that is updated in real time to building custom datasets and open source tools they can use to power their work.

As we move into an era where AI plays an increasingly significant role in legal tech, our commitment to open access is more crucial than ever. The tens of millions of documents we make available provide a robust legal foundation for innovators, AI developers, and entrepreneurs to develop models and new products that will continue to propel legal tech into the future.

The ABA TECHSHOW is where lawyers, legal professionals, and technology come together for three days to talk about some of the newest technologies available. Startup Alley provides an opportunity for 15 startups to participate in a live pitch competition and have booths in a special section of the exhibit hall. Two legal tech startups included in the list of 25 finalists are powered by data from Free Law Project.

Here's how they describe themselves:

  • descrybe.ai is a singular new way to search for, and understand, caselaw. We are laser-focused on easy access to caselaw research by lowering cost (it’s free), increasing ease of use, and employing natural language search and summarization. We currently have more than 1.7M judicial opinions from across the U.S. summarized and searchable. All available state supreme and appellate opinions plus federal district and appellate opinions will be ready by late 2023 with other features in development.

  • LawDroid Copilot leverages AI to help lawyers get their jobs done faster. LawDroid accomplishes this by: creating custom, AI-powered workflows to perform aspects of their job; and converting attorney work product into digital knowledge bases to scale their expertise. LawDroid transforms stress into success with AI superpowers.

The final 15 will be decided by public voting. We encourage you to support innovation in the legal sector and vote for both of these companies to move forward. And if you have an idea you want to move forward and need legal data, you could be the next startup that we power!

Cast Your Vote for the ABA TECHSHOW Startup Alley Finalists

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