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Updating the Free Law Project Brand and Saying Goodbye to FLiP

Michael Lissner
Our old FLiP logo

Today we're thrilled to share new branding for all our services and websites. This includes new logos for CourtListener, RECAP, and Bots.law.

This also retires our clip art mascot, named "Flip," who has been with us since almost the beginning. FLiP was created by a friend of our founder, and has traveled the world on our presentations, websites, and correspondence with the highest levels of government. If only we had known back in 2013 how widely-seen FLiP would turn out to be! FLiP, you had a good run, but I think we can all agree that you were never a great logo.

A banner showing the old Free Law Project, CourtListener, and RECAP logos.
Our old FLP, CourtListener, and RECAP logos.

To create new logos and branding, we worked with Primeau-Fahey Studios, who helped create a cohesive set that reflects the goals, mission and values of the organization.

For example, we believe in and embody:

  • Lex debet esse aperta (“The law should be open”)
  • Transparency of the legal system
  • Free and easy access for all citizens to legal information in the public domain
  • The best and the most complete data
  • Supporting innovation through data and technology
  • Competition and innovation
  • Non-partisan advocacy
  • Having integrity: can’t be bought
  • Connection of technology and the legal system

This is a lot of weight for a brand to carry, but our new logos do so through the combination of the scales of justice and a series of computer nodes. In the logo, each line represents one of our flagship products.

The new logo. It shows five vertical lines next to each other. The top end of each line is an open circle, representing a computer node. The left and right-most lines are bent 90° to the sides at slightly different points, and the scales of justice are hanging from them. Under the image in purple color are the words Free Law Project. Below all that are logos for RECAP, CourtListener, and Bots.law. Each is a variation of the first image in which the word has been replaced, and one of the nodes is colored in blue, red, or yellow. Finally, at the bottom of the image are color swatches for each of the logos.
The new Free Law Project, CourtListener, RECAP, and Bots.law logos and color scheme.

We've also taken this moment to organize all of our logos — including historical beta ones — into a new repository, where they can be explored.

Bounty Offered

Our team is working hard to update all the logos that are on our site and across the Internet. It's a bit of an undertaking, and there are surely more out there.

So, starting today, if you can find an old logo in the wild, we will send you stickers as a reward. Just send the details and your mailing address to jenifer@free.law, then watch your mailbox.

FLP Goodies

Finally, we now have a store with swag! Grab yourself a t-shirt, water bottle, or tote bag, and show off your dedication to improving the legal system through technology, data, and advocacy.

Visit our Store

We hope these new logos will set the tone for the next decade of enhancing the legal system. We look forward to your thoughts about the new logos, and to reading the many eulogies for FLiP that are surely forthcoming.

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