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Data Services and Consulting

Need bulk PACER data? Can't find what you need using our APIs? Too hard to process the data yourself? Free Law Project provides data gathering, customized research, and reports for modest fees. We are able to join NSF grant proposals.

We have a powerful system for gathering bulk data from PACER. We have millions of opinions from hundreds of jurisdictions in our database. We have tens of thousands of oral argument audio files. We have information about nearly every reporter written. Much of this data is available via our APIs, but making sense of it can be time consuming.

To fill these needs, we offer data services. Jobs are billed hourly or by project milestones. For hourly work, our rates vary by means. The table below is a guide for understanding our rates, though we try to find a way to work with all projects:

Researchers & Academics $140/hour
Journalists $70-180/hour according to means and project
Non-Profits $140-180/hour according to means and project
For-Profit Orgs $170-750/hour

There is a one hour minimum and billing is rounded up to the nearest half hour. Discounts may be available for qualified individuals or organizations.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email describing your project, and we'll set up a time to talk in more detail.

Example Projects

The following are three simple projects that we have completed:

  • One Hour: Please generate a CSV of all the Supreme Court citations in your collection.

  • Two Hours: Please create a zip file of all Oral Argument audio files in your system.

  • Three Hours: Please give me a histogram of the usage of exclamation points in Supreme Court opinions.

Some more complex projects include:

  • Please provide a presentation to our organization about the PACER system and the RECAP Archive.

  • Please gather all of the initial complaints in PACER that match a given nature of suit code and make them available for download.

  • Please gather all of the header information for any dockets in a given jurisdiction.

  • Please provide consulting guidance for a startup idea that I wish to pursue.

Joint Projects

In addition to data or consulting requests, we are also open to working on projects with a common goal. If you have projects that might require generating new forms of metadata or that might require significant effort on our behalf, please get in touch with your idea so we can discuss it further.

If the project is one that we also have on our roadmap, we can sometimes work together towards a common goal.

Getting Started

Getting started is very easy. Just send us a brief email with what you need. If it's something complicated, we'll arrange a call to talk. If not, we can often just start the work immediately. Many projects can be completed the same day they are requested.

Clients & Collaborators

Among others, we have worked with publicly traded companies, the biggest accounting firms in the world, and the following organizations, non-profits, and academic institutions:

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