Free Law Project Assets and Logos

These are the official logos and images of Free Law Project for use in your webpage, application, or printed material.

These are available according to the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. You are free to use and modify these logos. Source versions are available in the zip files.

Free Law Project Logos

The Free Law Project logo is available in square, blue and black versions. Download a zip containing the svg, pdf and png versions.

Powered By Free Law Project Logos

These badges are available in dark or light, and should work well with most designs. Download a zip for full size images and dark versions (svg, png). We suggest that you make them link to

CourtListener Logos

The CourtListener logo is available in long, square and stacked formats. Download a zip containing the svg versions.


The RECAP logos are available as Adobe Illustrator, svg and png files. Download a zip containing all versions and required fonts.

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