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Doctor: Document Conversion at Scale

Doctor logo: An infinity symbol mixed with a snake eating its tail, except the mouth of the snake is the ear parts of a stethoscope and the tail is the part you put on your heart.

Doctor is a microservice for converting and extracting documents and audio files.

As a part of building CourtListener, we have spent years optimizing our document extraction and audio conversion pipelines. Doctor is the culmination of this work and has functionality like:

  • Extracting text from documents, including WPD, PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, and more.
  • Completing optimized OCR extraction on image-based PDFs.
  • Getting page counts from different document types.
  • Converting audio files from WMA, OGG, WAV, and others to MP3.
  • Making a PDF from images.
  • Creating thumbnails from PDFs.

Doctor is designed to scale while providing performant high-quality results. It can be scaled horizontally via a multi-worker or orchestrated single-worker model.

The code in Doctor has processed tens of millions of documents and over 2.5 million minutes of audio.

We hope you will try Doctor in your project and that it can be a powerful tool for your work.

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