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Juriscraper Legal Scraping Toolkit

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Juriscraper is a data gathering library written in Python that collects legal opinions, PACER content, and oral arguments from the American court system.

Juriscraper is currently able to scrape:

  • Opinions from all major appellate Federal courts

  • Opinions from all state courts of last resort (typically their "Supreme Court")

  • Oral arguments from all appellate federal courts that offer them

  • A variety of content from PACER

Jursicraper has a robust test suite, and it underpins much of the functionality of the CourtListener system. It's no exaggeration to say that Juriscraper has scraped tens of millions of court records.

Juriscraper aims to be a unified scraper framework that organizations can use to get the latest content from American courts. We hope this tool will be an asset to your scraping work and that you'll join us in using it.

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