Free Law Project to Host Maine Supreme Judicial Court Opinions and Tennessee Workers' Compensation Opinions

Michael Lissner

Free Law Project is excited to announce that it will officially host the opinions of the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine, the Tennessee Court of Workers' Compensation Claims, and the Tennessee Workers' Compensation Appeals Board.

The mission of Free Law Project is to use data and advocacy to make the legal system more innovative and equitable. These projects are the next step in that journey as we partner directly with these courts to bring their opinions to the public.

We have already launched a portal for the Tennessee Workers' Compensation courts, where they upload their decisions and the public can easily search them. Over the coming weeks, we will also be launching a new portal for the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine.

These portals represent something new in the legal field. Before now, to get this kind of information from the courts, you had to scrape their websites. Doing this was difficult, slow, and unreliable. Now, with these new portals, we will make the decisions full text searchable on our website as they are released, and will make the decisions freely available via our APIs and bulk data system. Of course, we will also apply all of our innovative tools to the text of the opinions: Citations become links, opinions automatically get summarized, and more.

This suite of services makes the data available to anybody that needs it, whether it's a pro se litigant, a big law firm, a journalist, an academic researcher, or the next legal startup.

Be our next partner

We know that nothing is simple in the judiciary, but we have worked hard to make this system low-friction and easy to join. Depending on your availability and decision-making process, we can launch a portal in a matter of days.

If you believe your court or your constituents would benefit from this system, or if you want to participate in building a more open, competitive, accessible, and equitable judiciary, get in touch.

We'd love to have you as our next partner.

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