Our Bots are Now on BlueSky

Michael Lissner

Earlier this year, we created Bots.law to bring legal updates to a variety of platforms. Since then, we've created ten different bots on Twitter and Mastodon that share updates about everything from artificial intelligence to psychedelic substances. We plan to add Slack, MS Teams, and Discord support soon.

We do this work to keep people updated about changes in the law, but it is hard work as Twitter/X slowly falls to pieces.

To combat this, today we are launching all of our bots on BlueSky.

BlueSky is a new open and decentralized social network, and adding our bots to it will allow more of our users to stay current on important changes to the law and society.

The bots we're launching on BlueSky are (click through to follow):

BlueSky is just the beginning. In the new year, we plan to bring these bots to chat applications like Slack, Discord, and MS Teams. If you're interested, join the waitlist below.

We hope you'll find these useful and that you'll help spread the word! If you're not on BlueSky and need an invite, send us an email. We've got lots to spread around!

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