Following on Friday’s big announcement about our new citator, today I’m excited to share that we’ve completed incorporating volumes 1 to 491 of the third series of the Federal Reporter (F.3d). This has been a monumental task over the past six months. Since we already have many cases that were from the same time period and jurisdiction, we had to work very hard on our duplicate merging algorithm. In the end, we had were able to get upwards of 99% accuracy with our merging code, and any cases that could not be merged automatically were handled by human review. The outcome of this work is an improved dataset beyond any that has been available previously: In tens of thousands of cases, we have been able to merge the meta data on with data that we obtained directly from the court websites.

These new cases bring our total number of cases up to 756,713, and we hope to hit a million by the end of the year. With this done, our next task is to begin incorporating and data from all of the appellate-level State Courts. We will be working on this in a rolling fashion, and will be adding new courts as the Juriscraper library supports them.

We hope this new data will help you accomplish your research goals, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!