We’re excited to announce today that we’ve added five new courts to our list that we support.

Today we add the Supreme Courts for

  1. California
  2. Indiana
  3. West Virginia
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Wyoming

These are the first State courts that we support and over the next few days we’ll be adding more as the Juriscraper library supports them. We already have another seven state courts in the wings!

By launching these courts today, we’re making a small change in our plans. We were previously working towards having all 50 supreme courts ready to go so we could add them in one big push, but since that’s taking longer than we would like to develop these scrapers, we’re going to start adding state courts as they’re ready, one by one.

Today’s launch adds five courts and about 1,200 more cases to the project. We need help getting the remaining courts ready. If you’re a developer and want to help, get in touch via our contact form and we’ll get you up and coding in no time.